April Meeting Agenda

Monthly Meeting


Meeting Location: Public Safety Building 6:30 PM

32th and Harrison St

Introductions and Welcome: David Aschenbrenner, Chair    5 Min

Items to add to the agenda:                            

Public Safety:                                                               5 Min

Public Safety Advisory Committee: Heather Ray        20 Min

          SAFE Project Sidewalk Discussion


City Staff: Friday Memo                                               Sent via Email


Grant Request:             none at this time                                               

Past Meeting Minutes and Treasurer’s Report:         5 Min

New Neighborhood Items:                                          5 Min


Projects Update:

          42nd Ave paving still on track for this Summer


Land Use Projects:

Corinn DeWaard SE Harrison church                          5 Min

Historic House at 42nd and Railroad                           5 Min

Parks & Garden Report:                                               5 Min

          Sarah Smith