It’s SNOWING! Where is the snow plow?

Will the city plow my street?

The map below is just our neighborhood area, you can see the entire map HERE.


Red streets are plowed, blue streets are sanded. 

Please review this snow plow route FAQ and review the map to see which streets will receive treatment, and why they are the roadways selected.

In the event of a winter storm, which streets will city crews plow?

The City’s streets crew will plow the City’s primary arterial and collector streets in an effort to keep them safe and passable.

Why those streets?

The goal is to help our residents get to and from their places of business and to keep the City’s primary roads open to emergency response equipment.

Due to limits of City resources and staffing levels, snow plowing will be limited to this route.

What are residents responsible for when it comes to snow removal?

To aid the effort the City asks that vehicles along the route be parked off of the right of way to avoid possible damage from plowing the snow to the edge of the roadway.

Property owners are responsible for removing any snow that might pile up in front of driveway approaches and on sidewalks from the plowing.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions, please call the Public Works Department at (503) 786-7600.