MEETING AGENDA – August 10, 2020

Meeting Agenda 8/10/2020

Zoom On Line Meeting:-

City of Milwaukie/Departments/City Manager/View City Manager calendar/Hector Campbell NDA meeting

Introductions and Welcome: David Aschenbrenner, Chair

Items to add to the agenda:                                        

Public Safety Report: Milwaukie PD                                                                 5 Min

City Events and Information      Friday Memo    
Query about continuing sending this out due to lack of interest  – L Hedges

Grant Request – Lewelling NDA $200 for street mural project         10 min

Past Meeting Minutes and Treasurer’s Report:                     5 Min

Parks & Garden Report:                                                5 Min
         Sarah Smith       
                 Discuss fencing – contact with NCSD

Public Safety Advisory Committee: Rob Reynolds                         5 Min

Projects Update:
         Monroe Greenway    
         Home Ave Sidewalk and Paving Survey      –       city staff
         Wood Ave Repaving
         Monroe Commons Apartments Update               

Other Items: 1. National Night Out Event report
                      2. Discussion of purchase of Concave Mirror for Dick St./Home Avenue

Please pass this information on to your neighbors.
If you cannot make the meeting and you have questions, please send an e-mail to