MEETING MINUTES – August 10, 2020



August 10 2020


Zoom meeting 

In attendance: David Aschenbrenner, Chair; David Hedges, Vice-Chair; Linda Hedges, Secretary/Treasurer; Milwaukie Police Captain Robbie Graves, Sarah Smith, Park and Gardens Director,  Bob and Iona Lockwood, Darin Smith, Kathy Schroeder, Darlene Albertson, Donald Courson, and Lewelling NDA visitors Lisa and Stephan Lashbrook, Ernesto Dominguez and several others. 

  1. Meeting was called to order by Chair at 6:32pm.
  1. We had received two grant requests from Lewelling NDA. Members of their NDA visited to present the proposed projects. (A) was for $200 (from all NDAs) to support a street mural to be placed at Rainbow Lane and 55th.  It was being supported by a local girl scout group as well as various neighbors. The design had not yet been decided but was being proposed as one of two rainbow striped murals, one depicting a clenched fist on a rainbow striped background and the other a multi-colored striped hand showing the peace symbol. The mural is to support diversity and equality. A decision was taken to postpone our voting on providing funding to the project until they choose a sign. There was some strong sentiment about the use of a clenched fist and what its meaning is to a number of our neighbors

           Click on pdf file to view the two designs in a letter distributed to neighbors in the Lewelling neighborhood where the mural is to be painted 

  1. B) was via the Milwaukie Arts Committee to support Lewelling NDA’s underwriting and organization of a virtual four event concert called Porchfest 2020, which would livestream and broadcast concerts on community access tv channels on four consecutive Friday nights in August and September.  Those with musical talent are also invited to put on their own concert on their front porch. Neighbors felt that as this was something fun to be doing and would benefit many neighbors across the city that we would support their request for $400. Don Courson made a motion and Dave Hedges seconded to approve this spending. It was approved unanimously. A question was asked as to whether it would be possible to re-broadcast the concerts on YouTube or community access TV for a period of time following the initial concert so that even more people could enjoy them.                                                                           
  1. Treasurer’s report: CCG: 541.77; $6910.28 in savings, and $150 check pending for web design, $1062.36 in checking -leaving available $520.59 in checking.
  1. Minutes from last meeting (July 2020) were corrected to strike out the sentence pertaining to strong consensus on the placement of the Home Avenue sidewalk. The consensus was from those attending the July meeting. A scientifically-based survey has not been done inclusive of all neighbors from Home Avenue and adjacent properties. We will reconsider steps to obtain an unbiased view and a neighborhood consensus at our next meeting. Bob Lockwood moved and David Hedges seconded a motion to correct and approve the minutes. Approved unanimously.
  1. The Weekly city updates memo has been being distributed by email. Linda Hedges noted that according to MailChimp statistics very few people even click on this email sent out to neighbors and she asked to not have to email it. After discussion the decision was made to state in these minutes that it will no longer be sent out weekly but that if neighbors wish to get the email themselves they can email Jason Wachs, Community Engagement Coordinator at City of Milwaukie, to request to be placed on his direct distribution list. Jason Wachs The memo will also be posted on the Hector Campbell NDA web page at                                                                                                          Action: Dave Hedges
  1. PSAC committee report: Rob Reynolds’ was not available to report. NOTE: Several Drive Slow signs purchased by the City have already been placed around the neighborhood. There was brief discussion about ordering double sided signs but cost is about $20 per sign and as these signs are often stolen and destroyed there was concern of paying a lot for them for a poor outcome.  Decided to discuss again later as there appears to be adequate coverage already in our neighborhood.
  1. Park and Gardens report: Sarah Smith reported the school district had finally replied to her about ownership of the fence behind the garden. It is their opinion that it belongs to neighbors, not the school district and they do not need to be involved in the replacement of the fence. We have had a quote for replacement of broken panels and new concrete and posts from Johnny Bravo Services, which is a well-known and trusted local vendor, of $531, Dave Hedges moved and Sarah Smith seconded a motion to employ Johnny Bravo Services to repair the fence. Passed unanimously. The cost will be paid from the administrative account, not the CCG account.

Action: David Aschenbrenner 

  1. Report from Captain Robbie Graves, Milwaukie Police Department:

The Captain reported that it’s been a very busy month.  Sunday morning a domestic disturbance call ended with officers having to shoot the male suspect who came at them with a knife. A taser did not stop him. Following his being shot the officers rendered first aid and the subject was taken to hospital. (which the City has to pay for as the man was in custody). The officers involved are all ok and have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.  Linda Hedges asked Capt. Graves to send our best wishes to the officers involved. Captain Graves thanked us for our on-going support of the police department and said how much it is appreciated.

Capt. Graves reported that during August the department had served 44 warrants, many of which related to judicial action based on mental health issues. Questions were asked about has the department observed an increase in transients in the area; He said there has been a slight increase, probably due to increased action in Portland to push them out. Our officers do regular contacts to known encampment areas, with first contact to do a welfare check and offer services that are available to the homeless, with subsequent visits dealing with necessary enforcement, often due to public health concerns. Also asked about had there been an increase in abandoned vehicles; Capt. Graves thought not but he reminded everyone if they have any issues or problems to call the department. The Milwaukie Police non-emergency phone number is 503-786-7500. 

  1. “Monroe Apartments” or “Minthorn Commons” (as we prefer for it to be called) The developers would like to attend our September meeting to further discuss the development plans.
  1. Monroe Greenway project – discussion over its alignment and funding. All funding has been provided but it is mostly federal funds and those do not come to be available until 2021 and 2022, so the project is stalled right now. No final decision has been made about the design, and neighbors are strongly encouraged to let city staff know we want to be involved in the design before it goes to 30%. There is concern that the Home Avenue project will make road changes that will then be torn up to do the Monroe Greenway project. Chair Aschenbrenner continues to have on-going discussions with city engineering staff concerning this project and there will be further open houses available for neighbors to provide comment on the design. The link to the current design for Monroe Greenway are at City Council has already approved the Washington Street alternative design.
  1. Wood Avenue road work

Wood Avenue will only be repaved, no sidewalk in the budget No further word on this project. 

  1. Tuesday night of August 4th, National Night Out porch picnic in place of the annual neighborhood picnic had an underwhelming outcome, although a few people did participate. Aschenbrenner thanked Sarah Smith for sending out a postcard about it. The postcard did generate 4 new subscribers to our MailChimp email address list by the QR code on the postcard.
  1. New NDA Agendas, minutes, links to city project pages and other important information will be posted there.
  1. There was discussion about the NDA purchasing a concave traffic mirror which would be placed on a pole (potentially an electric pole) across from Dick Street on Home Avenue. The mirror would allow motorists attempting to exit from Dick Street to see vehicles coming from south to north on Home Avenue. It currently is a dangerous intersection with limited sightline due to large trees blocking the view south of Dick Street. The cost of the mirrors themselves is only about $25. The issue is to get permission from the City and PGE to place the mirror.

Action: David Aschenbrenner


Meeting adjourned 7:34pm                        


 Prepared by Linda Hedges, HCNDA Secretary/Treasurer.  August 11, 2020