MEETING AGENDA – May 10th, 2021

Hector Campbell Neighborhood District Association
Meeting Agenda
May 10, 2021, 6:30pm
Via Zoom (see for link information
or City Manager’s calendar)

Welcome and Introductions: David Aschenbrenner, Chair

Milwaukie Police Department Report: Captain Robbie Graves

Ray Atkinson, Clackamas Community College, Promote Milwaukie Shuttle Survey and Decals

Home Avenue SAFE Project City Staff
Note: 60% drawings are not yet available but there are some updates to the project

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report: Linda Hedges

Park and Garden Report: Sarah Smith

Public Safety Advisory Committee Report: Rob Reynolds

Other Business: David Aschenbrenner

Final vote on new HCNDA logo

NDA Leadership election (see officer responsibilities on page two)
Positions open: Chair
Public Safety Advisory Committee representative is NOT open for election at this time. The current representative, Rob Reynolds’, term ends 6/30/22.
Park and Gardens Director is held permanently by Sarah Smith.

Leadership members become part of HCNDA’s Land Use Committee as well as anyone who wishes to be put forward to serve as an elected member of the Land Use Committee

Please share with your neighbors. Zoom link can be found on the City Manager’s calendar on the city website or on our website,
Our email is


Excerpt from City of Milwaukie NDA Leadership Guide Neighborhood District Association (NDA) Leadership Guide (

A. The officers of the Neighborhood District Association shall comprise the Board of the Association and shall represent the Neighborhood Association. Neighborhood District Associations shall elect at least three officers: Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer.

B. The duties of the Neighborhood District Association Officers shall include the following: 1. The Chair’s responsibilities shall include management and leadership of all Neighborhood District Association activities. The Chair shall also be responsible for ensuring that the Neighborhood District Association complies with the requirements of the Neighborhood District Association Standard Bylaws and other applicable guidelines. 2. The Vice Chair’s responsibilities shall include assisting the Chair in performing the defined duties and assuming the Chair’s duties in the Chair’s absence. 3. The Secretary/Treasurer’s duties may be separated if a separate Treasurer position is designated by the Neighborhood District Association (see C below). Otherwise, the Secretary/Treasurer’s duties shall include: pg. 36 a. Ensuring that accurate minutes of all Association meetings are kept; ensuring that attendance registration is kept at all Association meetings; ensuring that attendance reports and minutes are maintained and that they are available for review by anyone who asks; ensuring that minutes and registration lists of all meetings are forwarded to the City of Milwaukie; ensuring that meeting notification and agendas are transmitted to the City and to members in a timely manner; ensuring that current and updated lists of officers and Land Use Review Committee members are provided to the City. b. The safekeeping and accounting of all Neighborhood District Association funds and the proper disbursal of those funds in accordance with City and Neighborhood District Association guidelines. The Secretary/Treasurer shall also maintain records of incoming donations, funds and contributors and shall make those records available to all who ask. c. Other Officer positions may be created and defined by Neighborhood District Associations. Additional Officer Positions may be appointed by the Board of Directors or elected by the Neighborhood District Association membership for specific duties or elected at large, with duties defined by the Board. Any additional officer positions elected shall be subject to the same membership and election requirements as the required officers.

ARTICLE V: ELECTIONS OF OFFICERS AND TERMS OF OFFICE Elections of officers and non-appointed committee positions shall be held yearly during the month of May. The city and (NEIGHBORHOOD NAME) shall coordinate with each other to effectively publicize elections. Publicity activities will be planned for implementation before April 1st of each year.

ARTICLE VI: LAND USE DISTRICT REVIEW COMMITTEES A. The Land Use District Review Committee will represent the Neighborhood District for the purpose of review and commentary on land use issues of interest to the neighborhood district. B. The Land Use District Review Committee shall have the authority to speak on behalf of the Neighborhood District 37 C. Action by the Land Use District Review Committee shall be by majority vote of the members of the Land Use District Review Committee present at official meetings of the Committee. D. Membership in the Land Use District Review Committee shall be open to all interested members and officers of the (NEIGHBORHOOD NAME). The Land Use District Review Committee shall elect a committee chair and vice chair from among themselves, by a majority vote of the Land Use District Review Committee. The elected officers shall direct the efforts of the Land Use District Review Committee. E. The Land Use District Review Committee shall keep accurate minutes of their proceedings and shall make those minutes available for review by anyone who asks. F. The Land Use District Review Committee shall conduct a minimum of two meetings per year where District membership or the public may bring agenda items.

ARTICLE VII: COMMITTEES The Board of Directors of the Neighborhood District Association may establish additional standing and ad hoc committees that do not address land use issues. Committees shall not have the power to act but shall be advisory in nature unless authorized by the membership of the (NEIGHBORHOOD NAME) by a majority vote.