Meeting Minutes, June 2021

Hector Campbell NDA

June 14, 2021 / 6:30 p.m. Zoom meeting


Corinn deTorres (chair), Sara Kaye Busickio (vice chair), Samantha Swindler (secretary), Rob Reynolds (public safety), Sarah Smith (gardening and parks), Mary Heberling (city assistant planner), Luke Strait (police chief), Bob Lockwood, Iona Lockwood, Susan McCarty, Steve Rand, Bonnie Rand, Gene Zaharie, Brad Reed, Jessica Peterson, Brian Reiter, Don Courson, David Aschenbrenner



Welcome and Introductions: Corinn introduced herself as the new chair, and we each took turns sharing our names and street addresses.

Approve May minutes: Steve Rand motioned we approve the minutes, and Gene Zaharie seconded. They were approved unanimously.

Milwaukie Police Department Report: Chief Strait reported the police department is recruiting for entry level and lateral police officers. They are currently doing background checks on their top six entry level candidates and have open recruitment for laterals, which are officers already certified with another agency. He also mentioned a stabbing between two strangers that took place downtown on June 6. It started with one person asking to bum a cigarette, turned into a fight, and led to a stabbing. The victim is recovering, and the suspect was arrested at the scene. Chief Strait said the suspect appeared to be having a mental health crisis.

Susan McCarty asked about a neighbor who frequently revs an old truck, and Chief Strait said she could report it to the non-emergency dispatch line as a possible noise ordinance violation.


City Comprehensive Plan Report: Mary Heberling gave a PowerPoint presentation on the city’s comprehensive plan, which it is in the process of adopting. Primarily, this involves codes around the city goals of increasing types of housing options, supporting a 40% tree canopy throughout Milwaukie, and addressing residential parking. Among the highlights:

  • The city plans to consolidate its eight types of residential zones down to two, and lot size will determine what kind of housing can be built.
  • The new plan would require one parking space per housing unit, and that would include a driveway or setback. Under current city code, a driveway doesn’t count as a parking space. Driveways would have to be at least 15 feet long.
  • The city is creating a private tree code. Currently, there is no code for trees on private property. This change aims to protect mature trees and may mean residents will need a permit to cut down a tree or may be required to plan new trees if one is removed. A draft tree code will be available soon.
  • There will be a virtual open house on June 25 at



HCNDA 2021-2022 Vision and Annual Schedule: Corinn discussed the vision document, which aims to engage more neighbors in the NDA. Part of that involves sending a postcard to all residents inviting them to the next meeting. The plan is to move meetings to quarterly rather than monthly, and to have more neighborhood events and fewer meetings. This means the next meeting will be in August.

The group brainstormed various events and projects they would like to see in the neighborhood. Ideas included volunteer opportunities, a community concert, a neighborhood yard sale, a party at the community garden, a plant or puzzle swap, a tool library, and a kids’ trick or treat Halloween costume parade. Sarah Smith said she would love to fundraise for a wood-fired bread oven where neighbors could bake together. All of these ideas are predicated on coronavirus risk levels. The city also wants the NDAs to continue to offer virtual participation options even as we return to more in-person meetings and events.

Samantha said that providing meetings and events at varying times and days of the week may offer opportunities for more people to get involved in the NDA.

Sara Busickio talked about supporting musicians, business owners and entrepreneurs in the neighborhood. And Corinn brought up discussions about the future of the former Campbell elementary school and exploring other opportunities to use that as a community gathering space.


Liaison reports: Safety Committee and Garden: Sarah said construction on the Campbell school building will close the campus from June 18 through Aug. 20, but we will still be able to access the community garden. The NDA put in its own water meter for the garden, so we believe that water shut-offs to the school during construction will not affect the garden. The school district, which still uses the school for staff training, will be doing roof repairs, painting and pavement repairs to the campus. Sarah also mentioned that she will be doing a pop-up farmers stand outside Milwaukie Floral from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

Rob said the city wants each NDA to bring forward three of their safety priorities. He already has an idea about two: Discussing the city’s schedule for the next streets to see improvements via the Safe Streets program; and new crosswalks, specifically at one troublesome spot on King Road. David also suggested speed signs that tell drivers how fast they are going.


Financial Report and vote for June expenditures: In absence of the treasurer, Corinn reported there is $3,088.20 in the NDA account.

We received a grant request to contribute $500 to a Juneteenth event happening Saturday, June 19, at Milwaukie Bay Park. The money will go toward paying musicians and performers.

There was some concern about the speed in which we were voting on the request. In the past, someone has presented a grant request and the NDA has voted the following month. Sarah Smith said she wasn’t opposed to supporting the grant but worried about the precedent it set. But because this event is happening so soon, Corinn said we must vote this evening. There was also discussion about whether one of the event organizers would provide a report back on how the funds were spent. Corinn said yes, this would be a requirement of the grant.

Susan McCarty motioned that we approve the request, and Gene Zaharie seconded. By a show of hands and verbal ayes, the vote was 10 in favor, with four abstaining. The grant was approved.

Sara spoke about plans to mail out a postcard to all Hector Campbell residents asking them to get involved in the NDA, follow us on Facebook, join the mailing list and come to the next meeting (date and location, TBD, since the Campbell school grounds will be closed in August). It will cost an estimated $550 to have postcards printed and mailed by Visa Print.

Don Courson motioned to approve the expense, and Susan McCarty seconded. By a show of hands and verbal ayes, the vote was 13 in favor, with no one abstaining or voting nay. The expense was approved.


Land Use Committee Formation and Summer Events Report:

Corinn will send an email out in the next few days to get the land use committee going. She also asked if anyone had an email contact for Emily Waugh, who expressed interest in joining the Lane Use Committee at the May meeting, but no one did.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:57 p.m.



— Recorded and submitted by Samantha Swindler