MEETING MINUTES – JUNE 8, 2020 (link is external)

6:30pm PST

Zoom info:


In attendance: David Aschenbrenner, Chair; David Hedges, Vice-Chair; Linda Hedges, Secretary/Treasurer; Milwaukie Police Chief Luke Strait; Rob Reynolds; Gene and Mary Zuharie, Bonnie Rand, Steve Rand, Sarah Smith, Park and Gardens Director, Ada Gonzalez, Bob Lockwood and wife, Etha Stansfield, Jason Wachs, city staff


  1. Meeting was called to order by Chair at 6:30pm with introductions


  1. Treasurer’s report: CCG: 644.01; $1416.71 checking (which includes the garden account); $3510.20 savings


  1. Minutes from last meeting approved unanimously


  1. Weekly city memo is being distributed by email


  • PSAC committee report: Rob Reynolds’ term as PSAC representative expires June 30th. Dave Hedges moved to re-nominate him to represent us; Sarah Smith seconded, and he was unanimously approved.

Funding will be available to start the project in 2022; next year there will begin PSAC has been discussing the Monroe Greenway. discussion on the design, and he encouraged neighbors to be ready to provide input. More discussion will be forthcoming. 

ACTION: L Hedges to inform City

  • Park and Gardens report: Sarah Smith reported the garden is getting weeded and lots of new crops are being planted.  Sarah is looking into purchasing some benches for the gardeners to use. She has not organized work parties due to social distancing requirements. Someone asked about whether the letter to the homeowner on Adams whose fence has collapsed onto the garden had been replied to; no, it hasn’t. Sarah will contact NCSD to see if they have a position on the replacement of the fence and determine whose fence it is. ACTION: Sarah Smith – NCSD


  • Report from Chief of Police Luke Strait:

The Chief read a statement he had given to Council reiterating his department’s policies and procedures in place that substantiate our officers’ integrity and appropriate arrest techniques. He said they would continue to be committed to the very highest standards but will be reviewing their own training and policies to assure no bias exists and full transparency is shown. He was asked if our department has been involved in the downtown Portland demonstrations. He said our department has covered calls in Portland when PPB officers were tied up with their demonstrations, but we have not been involved downtown.

 He announced a planned “peaceful sit-in” at Milwaukie Bay Park on Tuesday June 9th from 6-8pm. Officers will be there to assist with traffic safety.

Billy Wells has been appointed to the sergeant’s position vacated by the retirement of Sgt. Scott Guy.

The Chief announced that two open positions will not be filled to recover budget shortfalls caused by the covid-19 virus.

A question was asked about how the police corruption found in West Linn would be prevented in our department. The Chief outlined all the ways that our department deals with issues, uses training and appropriate management techniques to inhibit the kind of behavior found in West Linn’s Police Department.

The Milwaukie Police non-emergency phone number is 503-786-7500. Neighbors are encouraged to phone it if something just doesn’t seem right, even if it’s not an apparent emergency.

  1. “Monroe Apartments” or “Minthorn Commons” (as we prefer for it to be called) no new news to report. The project has met with full approval by the Planning Department and is expected to begin work this summer.


  1.  Meek Street stormwater pipe project continues and is about 2/3 completed. The pipes run from just west of Oak Street next to the railroad and goes north across Harrison and the Murphy site to Meek Street where it will join up to a water retention pond there. A new pond will be located next to Oak Street too. There is street closure on Monroe and Oak, mostly at night. This has no bearing on the Monroe Apartments project; it is a separate program.


  1. Home Avenue and Wood Avenue road work

Mr. Aschenbrenner said that there are 3 projects slated to begin next year – Home Avenue rebuilding, along with sidewalks, Wood Avenue resurfacing and Edison Street sidewalks. It’s less expensive to do all this work at the same time. Home Avenue has been surveyed already but he is asking for the city to come out and mark the Right of Way now so people can see how it will impact each home and they can realize how much of their front yard they may lose. A sidewalk will run from King Road to Railroad, but the decision has not yet been made as to whether it will all be down one side or separated east and west sides, depending on existing sidewalks. Stay tuned for much more discussion before work begins – neighbors will have opportunity for input.


  1. As it is apparent that social distancing requirements will prohibit our annual picnic, neighbors will be sent a postcard to encourage them to have their own family picnics in their front yards, in particular on the first Tuesday night of August, National Night Out. 


12.Fireworks Signs – last year several citizens pitched in and bought about 100 cautionary signs about the use of illegal fireworks on 4th of July. They are like election signs. There are 8 or so available if anyone would like to put one in their front yard. The law prohibits any firework that flies or explodes above 6 feet and there is a $1000 fine if someone is caught setting them off. The noise causes a great deal of stress to veterans with PTSD, others with other health issues, pets, and children, and can start fires so the city has prohibited them. If you know of a neighbor who still sets them off, you can call the police non-emergency phone number to report the address. If you want a fireworks sign call Mr. Aschenbrenner or email us.


13.New NDA website – hope to have it ready by end of June. Minutes will be posted there along with other information important to our neighborhood. If someone wants to discuss an issue directly with Mr. Aschenbrenner his phone number is 503-804-3837. And our email address is

  1. Anyone who wants to receive our agenda, minutes, Friday city information memo should email us at the website to request being added to the NDA’s email distribution list. Agendas and minutes are also posted to the city’s website.

Meeting adjourned 7:48pm.