MEETING MINUTES – September 14, 2020




Zoom meeting 

In attendance: David Aschenbrenner, Chair; David Hedges, Vice-Chair; Linda Hedges, Secretary/Treasurer; Steve and Bonnie Rand

Apologies: Sarah Smith 

  1. Meeting was called to order by Chair at 6:30pm with introductions. There were technical difficulties with the link from the City Manager’s calendar not working to enter the Zoom meeting which limited the attendance to 5 people. You can, however, view the recorded meeting on our website at
  1. Treasurer’s report: CCG: 484.24; 489.59 in checking, with a $400 check pending, and with savings of $6010.34. Approved by unanimous consensus.
  1. Minutes from last meeting approved unanimously by consensus.
  1. Milwaukie Police Department was not available to report.
  1. PSAC committee report: Rob Reynolds’ was not available to report.
  1. Park and Gardens report: Sarah Smith sent apologies for not attending but reported the garden fence has been repaired, the wood she wanted removed has been and the garden has been smoky.
  1. Lewelling NDA’s grant request for street art was cancelled due to non-agreement by 80% of the residents adjacent to the location.
  1. Milwaukie’s Comprehensive Plan is completed and there will be discussion on how it will be implemented.

 9     The Monroe Apartments developer will be attending                    October or November’s meeting to discuss plans going forward. 

  1. Monroe Greenway – the City has given a contract to a consultant who will write the prospectus which will allow the grant funds to begin flowing. This will allow the 30% design to be conducted.
  1. Wood Avenue – no report
  1. Home Avenue Survey results.


  1. Concave mirror at Dick Street and Home Avenue – the city is not in favor of adding this traffic safety equipment because they are concerned drivers will come to rely on it too much which could cause an accident. They opined it would be better to remove the trees blocking the view.
  1. October 8th City Council Candidate’s Forum – will be offered via Zoom from 7pm until it finishes. Candidates will be asked a variety of questions on 4 or 5 general topics. If you have a question you’d like to be asked email it to David Aschenbrenner no later than October 3rd. Check the City Manager’s calendar for the zoom address.
  1. Meeting adjourned at 6:57pm

Anyone who wants to receive our agenda, meeting minutes, or other information should email us at to request being added to the NDA’s email distribution list. Agendas and minutes are also posted to the city’s website and on our own website,

For the time being HCNDA will run our monthly meetings on Zoom.  Check the City’s Calendar to click on the link to join the meeting. We hope it works next month.


Linda Hedges, Sec/Treas. September 14, 2020