Meeting Notes January, 2017

Hector Campbell NDA

January 9. 2017 Meeting notes


Neighbors present:

Chair David Aschenbrenner, Sarah Smith, Wally Bischoff, Melanie Bocek, Shirley Geiter, Steve & Bonnie Rand, Glen Ropella, Darin Smith, Bernie Stout, Wendy Wagner, Maryanna Hollomon, Ley Garnett, and Heather Ray

Milwaukie Friday Memo: Forwarded by email to our email list. David highlighted a few events:

Past meeting notes and treasurers report: Linda Hedges was unavailable due to a CERT event.

Parks & Garden Report

Community Garden: The total produce donated to Esther’s pantry in 2016 was 1, 251 pounds; this is down a bit from previous years, Sarah attributed the lower total to poor fall weather, poor supply of late season plant starts, and less volunteer involvement. There are 2 new gardeners just coming on to the garden and there are 3 open plots, registration is open at: The rainwater harvesting system is moving forward with the donation of a 275 gallon tank from Alexeli Vineyards. New projects for 2017 are a more focused approach to planning the harvest donation program and the purchase of grow lights for seed starting.

Homewood Park: In December the Parks District worked on removing a few cherry Trees, the wood was chipped and will be used as mulch for new plantings later this winter. Sarah will contact the Parks District about having High School Grad Party volunteers plant plants or remove ivy, and will have Linda Hedges follow up with Milwaukie High School.

Public Safety Report: Heather Ray: Nothing new to report, they haven’t had a meeting yet.

Land Use:

Mission Park Development: Ley Garnett reported on the status of our neighborhoods appeal of the Planning Commissions approval of the proposed 14 lot development on SE King Road.  Our appeal submitted by Ley was received by the City Council, the council will have a public hearing on our appeal at the regular council meeting, Tuesday January 17th. Information on the appeal can be found in the Councils E-Packet, scroll to Agenda item #5, pg 45:  Neighborhood members are encouraged to attend the hearing. Ley believes there is a 54” Ponderosa Pine on the property as well as many other mature trees, tree protection and the variance for putting a new road into King Rd too close to the Home & King intersection are our neighborhoods main reasons for appealing the Planning Commissions decision.

Zoning, density, demolition questions: There was discussion about future development in our neighborhood, a neighbor brought up the fact that a home at SE 55th & Monroe was demolished, and it was asked if the NDA gets any notifications. Concern was expressed about what will become of the large open lots along RR ave, at the time of the meeting it was noted that there was no known property for sale, however signs have popped up at 4217 SE RR Ave for 3.21 acres for sale. Questions were also brought up about whether or not Milwaukie is making progress on developing a tree ordinance, David Aschenbrenner will follow up on what notifications we should receive and on trees.

Police report: Chief Bartols joined us and announced the 100th Birthday/Anniversary of the Milwaukie Police Department. They have special social media posts through out the year, as well as at the Officer and Cadet of the year dinner.  We were reminded to not leave our cars unattended while warming up, thieves are look for cars to steal.

Vice Chair: Lars Campbell has moved out of our neighborhood, our vice-chair position is open. The neighborhood by-laws state that we must elect a chair, vice-chair, and secretary/treasurer each May; the by-laws do not specify what to do if we have a mid-term vacancy. Vice-Chair duties include helping the Chair and filling in the Chairs absence, and in the past our Vice-Chair has also been the Chair of our Land Use Committee. Heather Ray expressed interest in the position; others interested should come to our next meeting to learn more. We will hold our election at our regular May meeting. Here is a link to our By-Laws:

Monroe Greenway: Questions were asked about the Monroe Greenway Project. David Aschenbrenner will have an update for our February member meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45pm

The next meeting will be held Monday February 13th at 6:30pm