Monthly Meeting Minutes, December 12, 2016

Introductions and Welcome: David Aschenbrenner, Chair

In attendance: Sarah Smith Park and Gardens Director, Darin Smith, Linda Hedges Sec-Treasurer, Frank Lamp, Wally Bischoff, Heather Ray, Scott Schoeffer,  Carl and Susanne Richter, Ruby Inman, Darlene Albertson, Steve and Bonnie Rand, Melody Bocek, Bernie Stout, Mary Weaver, Ley Garnett, Lars Campbell, Vice Chair, Wendy Wagner, Jan Cartmell

Upcoming City events:  Paul Klein visited to invite everyone to the Winter Solstice and Christmas Ships event on Saturday December 17th, about dusk at the Riverfront park. There will be a beer garden this year, and sales of hot chocolate, pie and hot dogs will support Lewelling NDA.  Also, the Milwaukie Museum will have an Open House on Saturday December 17th from 1-5pm with photo opportunities with a Christmas Elf.  The Museum is located at 37th and Adams.


Public Safety Captain Dave Rash attended and reported that the department is interviewing for a new officer right now and is performing background checks on a new administrative assistant for the Chief. A number of questions were asked about various code compliance issues. He reminded everyone that if someone sees something that concerns them they can either call the non-emergency dispatch number 503-786-7500 or of course 9-1-1 if something is going on right now. Don’t hesitate to call right away if something concerns you or doesn’t seem right. He reported that Officer Simac is the police officer of the year and cadet Colton Anderson was voted by his peers as cadet of the year.  The Officer of the Year dinner will be March 14th at the Milwaukie Elks.

Public Safety Advisory Committee:

Heather Ray reported that there are a lot of changes going on right now and there wasn’t a quorum for their last meeting.  Several positions need to be replaced.  She said as far as she knows the SAFE program, which will help pay for new sidewalks and creating safer walking zone is going forward in January, with $4.30 assessed to each residential unit per month on the water bill.  

City Staff: Friday Memo is being sent via Email each week.


Past Meeting Minutes and Treasurer’s Report: Linda Hedges asked if there were any corrections or additions to the November meeting minutes. There were none. Approved by consensus. She reported that the financial account was CCG $1398.25, $1000 committed to the park bench project; checking $1304.84; savings $5004.55.

New Neighborhood Items: none


Milwaukie Museum requested $200 toward the replacement of their furnace. Steve Rand moved and Wally Bischof seconded motion, approved unanimously with one abstention (Aschenbrenner).  We also voted to pay for one year’s membership fee of $100, Mary Weaver moved and Sarah Smith seconded.  Unanimous with one abstention (Aschenbrenner).

Milwaukie HS and MAA Graduation Party request for $500 was moved by Sarah Smith and seconded by Susanne Richter, on the condition of their participating in a work party valuing $500 in work hours at $15 per person hour. $500 grant was approved unanimously on condition.

Land Use:  the 14 lot division proposed for 51st and King Road was discussed and Ley Garnett, a neighbor who lives near the proposed subdivision, asked the NDA to support an appeal of the planning commission’s decision to approve this application.  The NDA voted to appeal the decision, based on several issues from the Comprehensive Plan which have not been addressed under the decision to approve. Information on this subdivision can be found at

Sarah Smith moved and Mary Weaver seconded to appoint Ley Garnett to the Hector Campbell Land Use Committee.  The motion was approved unanimously.  Ley will attend to the appeal process on behalf of the NDA and if possible, Lars Campbell, the Chair of the Land Use Committee, will also participate.

Dieringer Properties has requested an adjustment of zoning for their property on 44th and Llewellyn so that they can build a new 4 plex and 2 plex. Lot size adjusted from R3 to R2.5.  Chair Aschenbrenner and Sarah Smith met and discussed their application and will recommend approval.

Parks & Garden Report:  Sarah Smith reported the Garden has started the installation of a 225 gallon rainwater harvesting tank.  She thinks there will be a donation of the tank. Plots are available in the garden for $30 or $40.She estimated between 1250 and 1300 lbs. of produce were donated to Esther’s Pantry this year. The new sponsor for 2017 is Renee’s GardenSeeds.


The Parks district is considering removing a few cherry trees on the south side of Homewood Park. There are plans to plant native plants in the winter. Mary Weaver asked about the health of the large tree located on Home Avenue in front of the park.  Sarah will ask the Parks District to check on whether it is healthy enough to remain.

Monroe Greenway County hearing – Bernie Stout attended the November 15th meeting at Clackamas County. The County has denied funding at this time. Bernie will follow up with City of Milwaukie on this project.

Vice Chair position:  Lars Campbell, who has served the NDA for several years, plans to move soon.  We will be considering candidates for the position at our January meeting.  The Vice Chair serves as the NDA’s Chairman of the Land Use Committee and runs NDA meetings in the absence of the Chair. S/he undertakes other tasks as requested by the Chair or at the request of the NDA.

The evening concluded with holiday goodies and door prizes.