Hector Campbell Neighborhood Association

A Neighborhood District Association (NDA) links the neighborhood together to create a vibrant local democracy and a stronger community. Every person who lives in the City of Milwaukie belongs to one of the seven NDAs. They are powerful resources for all of us. They are the officially recognized voice of the neighborhood and the basic building blocks of democracy in Milwaukie.

Next NDA Meetings:
Wednesday, October 13, 6-8pm on Zoom
Sunday, January 9, 3-5pm, Location TBD
Wednesday, March 9, 6-8pm, Location TBD
Sunday, May 15, 3-5pm, Location TBD

For agendas and minutes, visit the city website:

Goals and Vision 2021-22

2021-22 Vision: To focus neighborhood efforts on increasing diverse representation in leadership, encourage a more diverse and vibrant business profile in our neighborhood, and engage the community with fewer meetings and more events/volunteer opportunities.


  1. By May 2022, recruit members of the BIPOC community to run for leadership positions within Hector Campbell NDA. 
  2. By June 2022, outreach to property owners in our business district to encourage local businesses to occupy vacant locations in our neighborhood and help create a community commercial hub. (Connects with City vision around accessibility, small businesses, walk and bikeable areas) 
  3. Between July 2021 and June 2022, reduce the amount of NDA meetings to quarterly with an option to call for special meetings in between, and increase neighbor involvement through quarterly events and activities. 
  4. Explore opportunities to best use Campbell School as a neighborhood hub.