November Meeting Notes


Meeting Location: Public Safety Building 6:30 PM

32th and Harrison St

Introductions and Welcome: David Aschenbrenner, Chair

In attendance: Sarah Smith Park and Gardens Director, Darin Smith, Linda Hedges Sec-Treas, Brian Bell,  Wally Bischoff, Heather Ray, Shirley Geiter, Ruby Inman, Darlene Albertson, Steve and Bonnie Rand, Melody Bocek, Bernie Stout and Rebeccah Bufford


Public Safety Chief Bartol attended and reminded neighbors that this time of year, when packages are being delivered and thieves are out and about, to arrange for packages to be delivered to work addresses or to neighbors or to arrange for delivery at specific times. Lock your vehicles and don’t leave anything of value in the car. A number of questions were asked, including about street parking and registration for the CodeRed (reverse 9-1-1) program. Discussed various code compliance issues. A neighbor pointed out the very dangerous 37th and International Way intersection. The Chief suggested that if someone sees something that concerns them they can either call the non-emergency dispatch number 503-786-7500 or of course 9-1-1 if something is going on right now.

Public Safety Advisory Committee:        

Heather Ray volunteered.  Sarah Smith moved and Brian Bell seconded to elect Heather to represent our NDA.  She was elected unanimously.  Another neighbor, Rebeccah Bufford, was also interested. She was encouraged to apply for one of the at-large positions.

City Staff: Friday Memo is being sent via Email each week.


Past Meeting Minutes and Treasurer’s Report: Linda Hedges asked if there were any corrections or additions to the October meeting minutes. There were none. She reported that the financial account was CCG $1633.73; checking $201.55; savings $7004.55.

New Neighborhood Items: none


Milwaukie Public Safety Foundation – Police Officer of the Year Award Dinner.  Darlene Albertson moved and Wally Bischoff seconded $300 grant. Approved unanimously.

Wichita Center – holiday support grant.  Heather Ray moved and Sarah Smith seconded a $300 grant.  Approved unanimously.

Land Use:  the 14 lot division proposed for 51st and King Road will be to the Planning Commission November 22nd. Chair Aschenbrenner will attend to represent the several issues the neighborhood has. A suggestion was made that we request a FILOC contribution toward a pedestrian-activated flashing crossing to mitigate for the additional vehicular congestion at Home and King Road. Information on this subdivision can be found at

Milwaukie Park and Recreation Board Report:

Lynn Sharp, a member of the Board, attended to report on the projects the Board has been working on this year.

a)    Milwaukie Historical Society has submitted a proposal to change the name of Riverfront Park to Milwaukie Bay Park. This request is finding its way through the process.  Milwaukie Bay is the historical name for the part of the river fronted by the park.

b)    Wichita Park received funding to complete the planning process.  The source of the $250,000 needed to build the park has not been identified.

c)     New trails have been built at Spring Park which reduce the impact there and increasing safety.

d)    A $1.2 million grant has been received for engineering/permitting and bidding for the trail that will lead from the light rail pedestrian bridge through the park to the light at River Road.

e)    The new Tree Ordinance for public property, including the right of way is in effect. Three of the four requirements for Tree City USA status have now been satisfied and the city is currently working on documenting the $2 per capita spending on trees last year.

f)      The beginning of an annual Arbor Day celebration was held this year.

g)    The PARB is working with city staff to create a 501©3 to create a Milwaukie Parks Foundation so funds can be donated for parks projects.

h)    The Park Board looks for public input on park and recreation issues. The Park Board meets the fourth Tuesday of the month. There is currently one position open.  Contact Lynn Sharp at

Projects Update:                                                

Bench Project – Linda reported that we’re still waiting for the local company to provide the project quote and invoice. The School District has approved the installation and location of the bench.          

Parks & Garden Report:  Sarah Smith reported the Garden has started the installation of a 225 gallon rainwater harvesting tank.  She thanked Brian Bell for hauling and helping to spread gravel. The Parks District operated an ivy pulling evet on Saturday Oct 29th 9-noon; 600 lbs of ivy was pulled.  Plots are available in the garden for $30 or $40. Gardeners have requested a porta potty be made available. See below disc golf discussion; a porta potty might be included in that project.

The Little Library needs to be reconstructed.  It had an ant invasion. Bernie Stout and Brian Bell have volunteered labor and materials. There was discussion of including a seed library as well. 

Sarah mentioned a Nike community grant that encourages community active living that we may want to pursue next year.  In particular we may want to see if a disc golf course could be installed in the upper field of the school.  If anyone has an interest in working on this please contact Sarah.

The Parks district is considering removing a few cherry trees on the south side of Homewood Park. There are plans to plant native plants in the winter.

Monroe Greenway County hearing – Bernie Stout will attend the November 15th meeting at Clackamas County. The County is also considering several projects around the county, including the two sections of the Monroe Greenway, for funding. Citizens can go on-line to vote on their preferred project.

Vice Chair position:  Lars Campbell, who has served the NDA for several years, plans to move soon.  We will be considering candidates for the position at our December meeting.  The Vice Chair serves as the NDA’s Chairman of the Land Use Committee and runs NDA meetings in the absence of the Chair. S/he undertakes other tasks as requested by the Chair or at the request of the NDA.

City Manager Ann Ober attended to introduce herself to the neighbors.  She and her family will be living in our neighborhood.

Boil Water Notice and Disaster Preparedness:  Linda Hedges reminded neighbors about planning ahead to have water on hand along with other water, food and survival supplies for at least two weeks.   A water contamination issue is just one of the reasons why everyone should make preparations for at least two weeks.  She displayed a water filtration system as an example of one way to assure clean drinking water, but many are on the market. As well ¼ tsp of bleach per gallon of water also disinfects water for drinking.

Upcoming events:

Holiday Farmers Market November 20th downtown

Umbrella Parade and Downtown Tree Lighting December 3rd

Operation Santa Claus December 4th and 5th in our neighborhood.  See the route, dates and times on:

Winter Solstice event and Christmas Ships event – December 17th 5-8pm at Boat Ramp

Please pass this information on to your neighbors.

If you cannot make the meeting and you have questions, Please send an e-mail to

Draft dated November 15, 2016