November Pilot

    Hi Neighbors, The rain has come and our long summer is over. The days are shorter so please watch out for people walking and riding in the dark. If you are out walking please wear bright or reflective clothing, make yourself visible to those driving.

          At the monthly neighborhood meeting we are collecting food for local group for the holidays. Just bring your donation to the meeting. We meet the second Monday each month at the Public Safety building Community Meeting room at 6:30 PM. The meeting is a good time to learn about projects in the city and ask question that you may have.

          As the Holiday get closer look for events like the Umbrella Parade and Tree Lighting event and the Winter Solstice / Christmas Ships. Information about these events will be on the city web site our website and we will send out information emails too.

          So fall is here and winter is around the corner, here are two simple things you can do to help your neighbors. First clean out the storm water catch basins, sweep off the leaves and if the water is not draining, let the city know call 503 786-7600. Along that line, when putting out the trash can, place them just off the street and curb so the street sweeper can clean the street and not have to go around the trash can.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!