Help HCNDA Leadership plan goals for 2021

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Hector Campbell NDA Survey For 2021 Goal Planning Please vote for all ideas you like. You do not need to vote for each category and may vote for multiples within each category Neighborhood Events Category

[     ]  Potted Plant giveaway/Native Plant giveaway, seeds giveaway

[     ]  Free Little Library continued support

[     ]  Best Garden contest with prizes

[     ]  Continue to fund Annual Neighborhood Picnic

[     ]  Continue support to the Campbell Community Garden

[     ]  Best outdoor Christmas Lighting contest – $50 gift card

[     ]  Continue support to Homewood Park – clean up days, ivy pulling, bark chips

[     ]  Painted intersection

[     ]  _______________________________________________________________


Charity/ Volunteerism Category

[     ]  Annual membership to the Milwaukie Museum

[     ]  Continue to support Police Officer of the Year Award Dinner

[     ]  Continue to support Meals on Wheels

[     ]  Donation of food and gift cards to the Wichita Center

[     ]  Donation to ___________________________________________­­­­­­­­____ (local charity that meets grant criteria)


Meeting Attendance Encouragement

[     ]  Christmas $25 Safeway gift card giveaway for December meeting attendance

[     ]  ___________________________________________________

Infrastructure Category

[     ]  Welcome to Hector Campbell neighborhood signage – either on street signs or statue/sign at edge of boundary

[     ]  Custom and permanent “slow down” signage

[     ]  Table (with seats attached) with painted checker board for checkers or chess at Garrett side of Homewood Park

[     ]  Additional bench in Homewood Park

[     ]  Closely follow developments along Monroe Street – apartments, greenway, etc

[     ]  Closely follow Home Avenue rebuild design

[     ]  Gravel for neighbors, to build up the road sides and/or deteriorated areas with gravel

[     ]  Pay 1/7th of cost of totem pole with one face from each NDA, to be placed at Milwaukie Museum (or is this cultural appropriation?)

[     ]  _________________________________________________________________________


Public Safety and Disaster Preparedness Category

[     ]   Install a concave mirror on Home Avenue at Dick Street to allow vehicles to see traffic traveling south to north

[     ]  Continue to support Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

[     ]  Fund the purchase of a solar-powered “Slow Down” speed control sign

[     ]  ______________________________________________________________________________________



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